Friday, July 24, 2009

Project 365 Wed 22 Jul 09


Tonight Horace, Clarissa and I went to the formal Australian citizenship ceremony for Horace. I loved the smile on his face during the ceremony, and I was amazed when he gestured me into what he thought was the best spot to stand to take the best photos … and I was glad for that because he’s a far better photographer than me.

Horace after the ceremony with his certificate and tree.

It was also a great relief it all turned out well because I got the dates mixed up and we turned up for the ceremoney the previous evening. That was bad enough ... it being a cold and rainy winter's evening ... but I thought I’d messed up the interview time for Horace’s passport application, which would have been even worse.

I am so relieved that didn’t happen.

PS Just joking about changing cricket allegiance. As if ...

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