Thursday, July 23, 2009

Project 365 Sun 19 Jul 09

On Sunday Wini organised for the four of us (Horace, Clarissa, Wini and I) to go to Yum Cha in Keysborough for our last meal together … until we meet up again in Canada.

As usual … and I say that because it’s happening far more often than I like … I left the card from my digital camera at home and have no photos from the event. No photos of the pork buns Wini waited so long for, no photos of Clarissa looking peeved at me because I was taking photos of her eating ... nothing, nada, you get the idea! Very annoying because I so wanted as many photos of Wini as I could get before she goes ..

Instead, all I have to show is this photo of the Chinese custard tarts I took home from the restaurant ... love those Chinese custard tarts.

The beautiful Chinese custard tarts.

And the memory of a lovely family lunch together at the Shark Fin Inn.

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