Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project 365 Thu 4 Jun 09

After half a dozen days of asking Clarissa whether I could take a photo of her earrings and receiving a very decided NO! ... she was full of sunshine and light tonight and let me without a murmur. In fact, it was better than sunshine and light and included kisses and hugs! It was a very good night.

And why wouldn't I want to take a photo of her favourite earrings when they're the cutest little hearts.

Note she's also wearing the cream scarf she asked me to buy her ... that girl sure loves cream and white. (It must be hereditary; it sounds like me and the colour red!)

Clarissa wearing her cute heart earrings and her new scarf.

And while I'm talking about loving my children, I got a text message from Wini I'm sure many parents get; "can you pick me up?" Pick you up from where, I always think: Sydney, Alaska? And what time?

Fortunately those little details are easily sorted out by a quick phone call ... and her payment is I get to take photos of her.

Woo Hoo! I'm one lucky mommy! LOL!

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