Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project 365 Fri 5 Jun 09

After all the talk at work about Krispy Kremes--Louise took two dozen to Perth with her for family--I thought I'd buy a few to take home for a treat for my family.

The Krispy Kreme box.

They're so good, dripping with sugar syrup and fat, and yet they're terrible for you. Why is that always the case?

In the end I only got four, despite the sales person using economics to argue I could get two more for only $2 extra if I bought a particular combination. But I resisted ... after all, I didn't want to be greedy!

The four I purchased.

This time around I picked the Iced Vo Vo look alike, which Arnotts have been up in arms about and even took Krispy Kremes to court over the name.

I think I should point out to Arnotts, though, that you might have won in court and caused Krispy Kremes to change the donut's name ... but the donut tastes infinitely better than the biscuit and I'd choose it any day.

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