Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project 365 Wed 3 Jun 09

Horace and I have this ongoing discussion about whose memory is the worst: of course he says his is and I claim to be worst.

Take Monday for example: I got up that morning, put my glasses on and pottered around doing a few things before getting ready for the spcialist. I clearly remember Wini talking to Kevin via Messenger and seeing myself in the webcam and thinking what a fright I looked with my hair up and no makeup.

After that who knows where those glasses went ... I went off and had a shower and I haven't seen them since. Not even after I rushed off to the optometrists and arranged for new glasses which I was sure would see them throw themselves at me!

Me wearing my new glasses ... which I actually like better than the ones I lost.

Another case in point. Last week I organised a hearing test for Horace for Wednesday of this week, wrote down Wednesday and then insisted on telling Horace it was Monday. All without checking of couse. So off Horace went to the test on Monday because I said so ... and was a little put out with me, of course, because of the wasted trip!

Here's the thing though ... he was late for his appointment today and can't be bothered to go again! LOL

Maybe we're as bad as each other ...

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