Monday, June 22, 2009

Project 365 Fri 20 Jun 09

Horace has a reputation for being possessive about remote controls (one of our favourite jokes is the time he took a TV remote control out with him in his pocket), but this is ridicolous!

Wini's photo of her dad.

The story is I rang home today to chat to Horace as I do each day ... and was horrified to hear him slurring as he spoke. Luckily for me Wini was there so I rang back and asked her to check on her dad, which she did, and she told me he was asleep.

When I got home Wini called me to look at a photo she'd taken of her father during the day ... when I'd asked her to check up on him I guess.

What I'd forgotten was that Horace had stayed up almost all night (until 5am) watching the Twenty20 cricket final between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and was so tired he could hardly speak let alone let go of the phone after he'd finished 'speaking' to me.

Poor Horace, he won't live this down either ...

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