Monday, June 29, 2009

Project 365 Sun 28 Jun 09

I'm definitely no expert when it comes to knitting socks ... in fact this is not only the first time I've knitted socks but my first experience with knitting on four needles.

After a number (probably 30) tries I started to get the hang of working with the needles and I'm relatively happy with how I'm going.

This is the upside, though, because take a look at the mess I've made of moving between colours and the pattern book is no help whatsoever.

This is what the back of the socks look like--and look how I can't get the photo right using a flash!

But I'd noticed on Bellsknits blog about, so I tried there and managed to find a blog called TECHknitting and I found a few posts at or maybe this one at I'm going to give a try.

And I guess problem 2 is I've not quite mastered moving from one one needle to the next and keeping the tension right.

The slight looseness between where I've moved from one needle to the next.

Thankfully it's the journey not the destination, as I keep telling Horace, or all these aborted attempts would be driving me crazy! LOL

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