Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project 365 Mon 1 Jun 09

Off to the specialist again this morning, and I had my ears syringed out again after only a month! How does that happen?

And to try and keep that side of things under control I've been given a prescription for Elocon to put in my ears every day for a week before settling down to once per week.

I sure hope this stuff helps!

And another appointment in 6 weeks time.

I've had two dizzy spells this month ... one I've already referred to and another over the weekend just past. Neither was anywhere near as bad as a few months ago, and the specialist still can't give me a definitive reason for why they happen or recur, except to say things will slowly return to 'normal'. And so far the pattern at least fits the bill.

My challenge now is not to have any spells between now and when I go back in six weeks, and for my ears not to need syringing.

It's also been a harder month for watching everything I eat ... and, of course, things didn't quite turn out as I'd planned.

Not drinking coffee is hardly a drama, because I never drink coffee and I've managed to cut right back on the tea to only every couple of days. The worst thing is chocolate, which I ate 3 times over the last month. It's a pain not to be able to eat chocolate.

As for salt ... my diet is lower in salt than I realised and it's been pretty easy to stay under the 2400 mgs per day. I think I routinely come in at around 2000, and that includes eating bacon and baked beans each week. Obviously that healthier, low processed foot diet comes in handy for something.

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