Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project 365 Sun 31 May 09

I arranged to meet Suzanne at the NGV to see the exhibition of clothing during the time of Austen ... but Suzanne forgot me and I ended up seeing it alone. Woops! LOL!

From the wall at the start of the exhibition.

I really enjoyed the exhibition; and why wouldn't I when it combined two of my favourite things: Jane Austen and clothing.

One of things I'd really like to do is make a dress from 1795-1810 and I'm determined to get the trimmings etc as authentic as possible. And the point of making it is to go to the Jane Austen Festival held in Bath in September each year. I won't get to do it this year ... but Auntie Mary, interested in coming with me in a couple of years time?

I was absolutely batty for one of the dresses at the exhibition, made in 1806, and I concentrated all my photos on this one. It was so simple and yet so pretty at the same time, and exactly what I imagined 'my' dress from would look like.

A detail from my favourite dress.

And then I wandered around the NGV for a little while later looking for examples of the sort of things people during this period would have in their homes or art and found a few lovely examples.

A detail from a chandelier.

And the prettiest milk jug.

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