Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project 365 Tue 19 May 09

Having been up since 3.30am this morning (I couldn't sleep!) and exhausted all available entertainment options (putting away dishes, watching Eurovision clips on Youtube, hanging wet laundry inside to dry and reading my blog list), I thought I'd try my photo of the day.

Now, saying I'm never up this early is no exagerration. Only a wet bed (not mine you understand; the girls when they were little!) or a plane ride somewhere gets me out of bed before 7am. But for today it's meant I noticed the fog and looming sunrise when I brought wet washing indoors, and they got me excited with how it would photograph.

And here's the result ...

The view towards the train station from my front door.

I like how this turned out. The combination of mist, sunrise and the flashing lights from the railway crossing (a train was arriving at the station) have created something I'd normally never see.

And all shot with my SLR and without a flash. I thought for a minute it wouldn't work because the shutter speed was so low (shutter: 1/6, aperture: 1.4) for those who understand. For those who don't these are very dangerous numbers without a tripod!

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