Monday, May 18, 2009

Project 365 Mon 18 May 09

This year I lasted the full three nights through Eurovision to the end. Quite an effort I thought ... there are definitely similarities to surviving Eurovision and, say, the Olympics or Commonwealth Games.

And without further adieu, the winner ... the cute looking and talented Alexander Rybak from Norway with his own composition Fairytale. Norway also won with the most amount of votes of any song/country in the history of Eurovision. I'm going to be humming this little ditty for quite some time to come. (Just a question: such an upbeat song about a relationship break up? And one that seems to have been quite painful. What's with that?).

The song downloaded from Youtube; watch for the dancer around the 2.35 mark because I'm sure I saw a shoe flying across the screen!

In amongst the many other songs were a couple of personal favourites.

One was the UK's song called It's my Time. The UK had the best back story, starting with the UK garnering no points at all last year all the way to selecting a song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and some other chickie who's written for Celine Dion (PS christened by her mother as Dianne Warren!). And since I feel like I'm bitching I'll add this one little thing ... a song called It's my Time when you came last the year before; how hard were they trying?

Still, the song's definitely worth a listen despite being a little Phantom of the Operaish (and I wouldn't have minded if Gerard Butler had popped out of a cake) and it was worth a number 5.

Jade singing It's my Time.

My particular favourite--because I'm a a fan of a ballad/folk music--was a pretty song from Portugal. I would have like to see it do better than 15th place.

Todas as Ruas Do Amor as sung by Flor-de-lis.

Thank you Youtube!

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