Friday, May 1, 2009

Project 365 Fri 1 May 09

Clarissa and I were chatting last night when she got home from visiting friends, going through her passport to get all that organised.

That was done and we drifted on to how I'd like to bake something over the weekend, which was fine with Clarissa who said she was planning to make scones over the weekend anyway. Looking good so far; scones with jam and cream!

In her usual exciteable way she went rushing for her favourite baking book, The Essential Guide to Baking, and started working through what she wanted to make.

The book is really Wini's, and I'm going to have to get Wini a new copy for Christmas Clarissa has used it so often.

A short time she returned with a note--based on her selection from the book--which made me laugh as only her notes can. And this one was a total cutie!

That note!

Notice she referred to me as Susna, something she used to do when she was little.

In her first few years of primary school she used to rearrange the letters in words, but the only one that's stuck is Susna.

One time, when she was about seven years of age I found Susna written on the blind or furniture in her room and she was amazed when I knew it was her. Duh!

She used to do it more when she was at High School, but it's a long time since I've seen that.

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