Saturday, May 9, 2009

Project 365 Sun 3 May 09

Clarissa and I went shopping on Saturday like two crazy women, bringing home the most amazing quantities of flour, reduced salt butter and cream. Enough to last several families for a lifetime.

And what actually was baked: the score was Clarissa: 3. Me: none!

Clarissa made a beautiful apple and spice teacake.

Followed by wonderful cream-filled lamingtons.

And the most luscious passionfruit icing melting moments.

Me, I was supposed to make the flourless chocolate cake and scones.

Clarissa started out really well and by the end of the weekend had made everything she wanted. And kindly offered me her teacake to take to work because the scones I made were terrible! After helping Clarissa most of the weekend I'd lost interest and didn't want to play any more.

As for photos, I didn't take any because I was planning to do that on Monday when I got to work. And I thought a peek at this wonderful book would have everybody running for the bookstore.

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