Thursday, April 30, 2009

Project 365 Thu 30 Apr 09

Last week I mentioned things were happening with my job ... but that was as far as I went. I thought I probably should follow that up.

I'm neatly placed towards the bottom of the hierarchy; but I like that because I'm given good work but I'm also shielded from making the 'real' decisions. Not so, I found out on Friday, when I was told my supervisor would be away for at least the next week with a back problem and I would be it for the week!

My work ID: no looking at the photo. I've had better passport photos!

Eek, huh, although I'm lucky to work with a great bunch of people who know exactly what they're doing.

I've been really pleased with how the week has gone. Everybody has pulled together and got things done; a few of the deadlines on the lesser projects have been pushed out by a day or two but we've made it through a tough week.

But ... and this is no little but ... it's a relief there's only one day left until the weekend and I heard today my supervisor is back on Monday. Woo hoo! LOL

I'm planning to bake this weekend to thank everybody for their contribution during the week. The team really deserves it for having to work so hard.

But here's the question I have to ask: Am I crazy? I'm still waiting to hear whether I got that EL1 I was interviewed for last week, the same level that's seen me working like a crazy woman this week.

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