Monday, March 23, 2009

Project 365 Mon 23 Mar 09

Just when I think I've got to the bottom of why I'm dizzy, I arrive at work this morning and Louise tells me she's spent the whole weekend ill with the same symptoms!

Louise at Dave's send off; she's sitting immediately next to him.

So my theory moves away from diabetes (based on Mum and Nan being diabetics), and swings back to a virus again. What will the next instalment be?

I hope Louise feels better must quicker than I seem to be. There are hours some days when the dizziness leaves me and I feel 'normal' again, but then it just seems to come back again. But then at other times, like today, I'm dizzy all day.

It would be nice if the specialist on Friday has some answers for me but I'm not hopeful.

And how do you diagnose a viral condition?

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