Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project 365 Thu 19 Feb 09

On Saturday night, Clarissa came running into the house at around 10.30pm.

She was a little breathless and started telling me about her car. I assumed the worst (because I can) and she quickly assured me the car was fine because what I think's always written all over my face.

But even though there’s nothing wrong with the car (and it was obvious Clarissa was fine) there's no happy ending because the evening cost her $686 in fines!

Who would believe not paying registration or displaying P plates would be so expensive?

The story goes like this.

Over a month ago Clarissa got her registration renewal and stuck it in the unpaid bills drawer.

Usually I nag and go crazy over unpaid bills but I didn’t this time.

Clarissa's the more organised and responsible of the two girls so I thought it would be ok; Clarissa thought she had a few more days to go and had even put a reminder in her phone ...

That’s the $567 fine for the registration.

Now for the driving without P plates: $119.

About a week ago Clarissa got her car serviced, and used my car for the day. The P plates were transferred between cars, and then they were left on the sofa.

This I did nag about, twice, but was told something like “I’m buying a different set of P plates because I don’t like those”, and then the P plates disappeared.

And how did she get caught?

Clarissa was driving herself and her friend Woodsy to see Underworld on Saturday when the cops must have done a routine check of her registration. Her lack of P plates was probably picked up when they checked her licence.

What a way to learn a lesson, and exactly when we're all saving to go overseas.

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