Monday, February 23, 2009

Project 365 Sat 21 Feb 09

I was scrapbooking for the first time since scrapbooking with Tina a few weeks ago when Clarissa interrupted me to task could I iron her dress and wrap the 21st birthday gift (a silver bracelet in a black cardboard box) for her.

Ironing is something I don't really do (for others anyway, it's bad enough doing my own) but I did her dress anyway. (And do I need to mention she ended up wearing a different dress out?)

But her second request ... which wasn't so bad really since I had some of my scrapbooking stuff out and I was feeling creative.

So, I promptly ignored what she literally asked me to do and thought broadly about what she asked me (Yes, yes, I know ... I was working up to doing whatever I wanted! Work with me here).

And what I did was this. I didn't wrap the jewellery box in paper, but instead wrapped a bright purple ribbon around it and made the cutest purple tag covered in red hearts. (And guess who never thought of taking a photo of it? No prizes for guessing!)

But I loved the little tag so much I decided to make a few more .... and to create a tag jar that the girls can dig into every time they have a birthday to go to.

Some of the tags in the tag jar.

And what was nicest was that Clarissa loved the way I did the present. And I know this because she did that really cute thing she always does when she's happy: she gets a big smile, uses this "ooh, isn't this pwetty" voice, rubs the top of my head and then kisses me!

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