Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project 365 Day 40 (Mon 9 Feb 09)

Horace now seems to be following the ineviteable path of all developing countries and is on a range of medication.

It seems as though the very act of living causes us to be sick; and who's in the slightest surprised given the rubbish pumped into the air and water ... and the amount of artificial preservatives etc in food. (But that's a whole other story really!)

The shoe box full of medication.

The full gamut of medication for Horace is:
1. blood pressure pills, including one which manages his migraines
2. an aspirin-based blood thinner
3. eczema creams

Horace is taking so much less medication now he's over his operation, and we really need to get rid of everything he no longer has to take.

I've always found Horace to be amazing, and his health is a testament to how well he's always eaten and the extraordinary amount of walking he used to do until his 50s (basically he'd walk at least 10 miles per day!).

It's my view that if he started serious walking again he'd outlive us all ...

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