Sunday, February 8, 2009

Project 365 Day 39 (Sun 8 Feb 09)

About an hour ago, as Wini was cooking, she called me in to taste what she'd made.

Wini makes a really nice lasagne, and as it was huge pot of tomato and vegetables, I was pretty sure that's what I was tasting.

Wini's pot of tomato and vegetables on the left, with the mince half cooked on the right.

I tasted it, and murmured "Mmmmmm" and commented it had no meat. Wini doesn't usually make a vegetarian lasagne although there's always a first.

Wini's answer was we don't have any mince, and that was true a week ago.

When I mentioned to her I purchased 2 kilos a week ago and there was plenty in the freezer, I was told she asked me for mince 3 times in 3 weeks and she didn't know we had any!

Even as I write this I'm gobsmacked. I'm sure I wasn't asked this during the last week and I was definitely not asked at any stage over the weekend.

Wini's now disappeared into her room and left a huge pot of tomato and vegetables that needs to be made into something, or else I guess it's my turn to cook dinner.

In any event I'm left with the usual tiredness I feel knowing that yet again I have to smooth this over if Wini's ever to finish what she started. Ah hell, I can't be bothered!

Have I mentioned Wini can be difficult?


I guess I probably should have mentioned that I can be difficult as well, and that these things are not actually a one way street.

So, how did it end? Did we go to sleep upset with each other?

The answer fortunately is no.

Wini came out of her room eventually without any coaxing and went straight to the kitchen and started cooking.

Wini's monster lasagne in a baking dish.

Since she was making the effort I did too and we talked through what happened.

Wini's recollection of some of the things said by me was different to mine, and vice versa. The usual course of events in every disagreement, I guess.

It's been said by Wini, Horace and Clarissa that Wini and I are very much alike. It has to be the case because sparks often fly when the two of us are together. We just seem to be able to get under each other's skins.

It's hard to understand why when you're in the middle of it, and since my resolution to be more connected it's happening more.

Back to the drawing board to think more about this, and to work out what can be done.

I think asking Wini what she thinks will be a good start ...

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