Saturday, February 7, 2009

Project 365 Day 38 (Sat 7 Feb 09)

This morning, bright and early (or at least before 9am) Horace and I went down to the Cheltenham Farmer's Market. We haven't been there before--I usually shop locally--but I thought it would be good to check out what was on offer.

The sign on the way in. It was too hot to take any other photos!

On Friday at work Andy asked me what I was doing on the weekend and I mentioned going to a farmer's market. He immediately started laughing (I have that affect on him!) and he ran to check out what the blog Stuff White People Like (at to see what it had to say about farmer's markets. And to see if he could some other things to laugh at me about!

I hadn't heard of this blog before, whose entire reason for being is to take the piss out of middle class, inner city, latte drinking white people (like Andy as I was quick to point out!).

And it does it so well; check out what it has to say about farmer's markets (I've weblinked the page in the heading above), and the rest of the blog is worth a look too.

There's no escape for anybody or any activity ....

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