Monday, January 26, 2009

West Indian Community Day

As usual for Australia Day, the family went to the annual West Indian Community Day that's held at the Burwood Cricket Club reserve.

Clarissa was with us for the first couple of hours until she left to collect her friend Kelly and go off elsewhere. But Wini stayed with us for the day and we had a great time.

Just in case you wonder why there are never many photos of my darlings; they're wearing the expressions I invariably get!

The weather was perfect--warm with a cool breeze--and it was great to catch up with people we haven't seen since last year as well see a few faces we haven't seen in an even longer time.

Gaylene and John and the kids were there, as always, as was Ozzie. But this year Vicky wasn't there, and I missed catching up with her. This year Gayelene's friend Maeve, became a citizen on Australia Day morning.

Wini, Horace and Gaylene chatting.

Maeve waving her flag.

I think the Community Day got the best turn out it ever has. It's great to see it getting more popular and to see all the babies and pregnant mothers. The community really is growing.

The view from the BBQ and cricket club building.

The view from the children's playground. We were sitting to the left of the large tree.

There are always lots of children running around and it's great because there's so much empty space and a playground. A cricket match is usually arranged for the kids, and this year someone brought a bucket, soap etc so they could blow bubbles.

The kids blowing bubbles after the cricket match.

A group of kids converged on BBQed corn and meat.

And, as usual, there was the obligatory cricket match (what West Indian party would be complete without cricket) and this year there was a female bowler.

The cricket match.

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