Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Project 365 Day 26 (Mon 26 Jan 09)

The weather this work is going to be scorching, with 40 degrees and above predicted for later in the week. In the old money this is over 100 degrees. This is the first time this has happened during January for over 100 years; since 1908.

The thermometer around the corner with the temperature.

The expected temperatures for this week will be:
Today: Max 30, Min 11
Tuesday: Max 38, Min 20
Wednesday: Max 41, Min 25
Thursday: Max 40, Min 24
Friday: Max 40, Min 24
Saturday: Max 40, Min 24

And even when the cool change comes through the weather is only expected to drop by about 10 degrees:
Sunday: Max 31, Min 23
Monday: Max 30, Min 23

All in all a long and very difficult week, weather wise.

Before I left for work this morning I hurriedly watered the garden with grey water from the shower, and I'm going to have to do this evening and night without fail. Without the extra water I'm sure the trees will die, and much of the ground cover under the trees has already died.

And it's not just the plants the heat will affect. The nights at home are going to awful (not to mention bad for Horace during the day) because after two days inside will resemble Hell and all we have are ceiling fans to help with the heat.

The trains--probably better not to get me started on them! Whoever chose new trains for Melbourne said "air conditioning that doesn't work over 35, not a problem!" needs to be shot because all of them are pulled from service as soon as the barometer hits 35 and we suffer mass cancellations. Or, and this is the better option, they're replaced by a lesser number of old unairconditioned trains that will be so crammed Japanese commuters will think we have it easy!

Clarissa drives her airconditioned car to and from work so she'll be ok. Wini and I both take the train. I don't know about Wini, but my plan for this week is to leave after 6pm and to hope not too many trains have been cancelled at that time.

And I'm already planning a few trips to the beach at night to get some relief from the heat.

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