Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mordialloc Beach 27 Jan 2009

Yesterday I wandered down to the beach again at 8.30pm and took some photos.

And there was no shortage of people taking advantage of the cooler weather: they were swimming, snorkeling, fishing, ski jetting, scuba diving, BBQing and the playground was full of children. It might just as easily have been mid afternoon as sunset.

I just wish I'd got shots of everything I saw, although I got one I can't put up. I offered and took a photo of a couple using their camera.

But no doubt I'll be back on the pier before it gets cooler. Oops, I forgot. Stupid me! I have a week until I see cold weather!

Busy Mordialloc Beach around 8.30pm.

The sun going down. Not the most exciting sunset, although it was good to see how my camera behaved.

Jet skiers on their way into the Mordialloc Creek. One guy has two children on the jet ski with him and it was nice to see them all wearing lifejackets.

A family of three fishing together. It was really cute to see the dad helping his kids.

The busy pier in the dying rays of the sun.

PHOTOGRAPHY NOTE: All the photos were taken during sunset or, in the case of the pier, just after sunset. The photos were shot with my fixed 50mm 1.4 lens; a fantastic lens for low light and one that helps low light look like daylight.

The only time the camera/lens doesn't do so well is when it has to cope with objects at either end of the light spectrum (eg the pier/ rocks and the lighter sky/water). But I like the shot of the pier the way it is, and think it has a charm of its own.

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