Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weather update 28 Jan 2009

In honour of the most amazing heatwave in 101 years, coupled with the worst drought in Victoria in recorded history, I thought it was worthwhile recording the temperature this week.

The good news for us is that, although hot, the temperature has been slightly less than predicted. And even better, the overnight temperature last night was a lovely 17 degrees with a cool onshore breeze, which definitely explains why it was so cool inside last night that Wini turned off the overhead fan because she was cold!

Drum roll, please, and the temperatures have been:

Tuesday 27 January 2009
Predicted temperature: Max 38, Min 11
Actual temperature: Max 36.4, Min 16.8

Wednesday 28 January 2009
Predicted temperature: Max 41, Min 25
Actual temperature: Max 42.9, Min 19.5

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