Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas birthdays

As always, Christmas is an extra busy time for us with Carol's birthday the day before Christmas and Jason's on the 27th.

We didn't arrive until Christmas Day so didn't see Carol on her birthday, and on Christmas she arrived Christmas evening because she and Mark had gone to visit Mark's family in Healesville.

Carol opening her presents

Horace, Wini and Clarissa went home together Christmas night but I stayed a few extra days until Jason's birthday, and Mum, Debbie, Jason, Tamika and I had a nice dinner at La Porchetta. Surprisingly, my family were very well behaved and let me take photos. Mum even took a few of me with Tamika, and they were the best photos of the night.

Mum and I (I was tickling her because she never smiles).

Jason and Tamika playing around.

Debbie tickling Mum.

Tamika and I (I was playing peekaboo with the camera!).

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