Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

The older I get the better I love Christmas Day: the food, family and the time to take it easy.

This year we weren't all together at the same time. Carol and Mark came later in the day but with the exception of them we were all together at lunchtime and had a lovely meal.

I feel bad that we can't have Christmas lunch in Melbourne but we live too far away for everybody to travel here and in any event our place is too small. And besides it doesn't feel like Christmas not being with Mum at her place.

So I try really hard to get there as early as I can, to take stuff with me (this year I took the ham, Christmas cake, fruit and a few other things) and spend a few extra days with Mum to help clear up and eat the leftovers.

This year Mum had a great idea for opening presents. She got the first one and handed it out. That person then had to open their present and then they picked and handed out the next one out. I think Mum had this idea so she wasn't the centre of attention; but it turned out that half the presents were hers anyway!

The only picture of Wini this year I liked.

Clarissa opening a present; a street directory from Horace and I.

Debbie unaware I was taking her photo.

Vanessa opening her present from Mum.

Mum opening her Kris Kringle from Horace; a set of etched glass candle holders.

A quick shot of Horace.

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