Thursday, September 18, 2008

The US SYTYCD08 is over

The US SYTYCD08 finished last night with street dancer Joshua the winner. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy or dancer; he was definitely my favourite for winner during the series. He was like poetry to watch, versatile and so strong. And for a street dancer he always seemed to be an intuitive partner; he just did it, and did it as though he’d always been doing it.

But what was with choosing Twitch as runner up? I liked him and Courtney too, but I thought Katee got a raw deal with coming 3rd. The only nice thing with that was that this season the female ‘winner’ got $50,000.

And here are the nervous four before Courtney was voted out.

The last show was a ‘filler’ with ‘favourite’ routines from the season and a medley of various contestants from previous seasons. But I wasn't disappointed because I love the last show!

I got to see my favourites again, especially Joshua and Katee dancing Bollywood, Joshua and Katee dancing a Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop routine, and of course Twitch and Katee dancing that amazing Mia Michaels’ routine with a door. And we got to see Mary dance the Rumba (that woman has fantastic legs) and Nigel tap dance. That was pretty cool.

But when they interviewed a raft of dancers from previous seasons there was no sign of the winner Sabra and her partner Danny, the runner up, from Season 3, or Dominic, Sabra’s partner. I loved those three and I hope they’re all doing well.

Now I’m just really sad I’ll have to wait another year for the next instalment. Boo hoo!

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Sharon Solomons said...

Hi Susan,

I too love SYTYCD!! I was so glad Josh won, he really excelled throught out the whole comp, but I must admit Katee was my fav, I was so hoping she would win.

Good luck with the rest of the comp, I'm sure you'll go far.

Bye for now