Friday, September 19, 2008

Moving on

Debbie's been experiencing a hard time with her ex, and things have got to the point where she had to take out a restraining order because he won't leave her alone.

Back in June (3 months ago) she told him she ended their relationship but he's harassed her: sending 10+ text messages some days, and appearing on her doorstep and other places she goes. Worse than that, one Saturday evening a few weeks ago he dragged her out of a car by the hair and threw her around her own kitchen.

And all this from a man who insists he loves her, and they can work things out if only Debbie will talk to him. If that's love we should all be single for life!

It's a sad thing when restraining orders and assault charges are required to end a relationship, but at least he now seems to be getting the message. Since the police interviewed to him a fortnight ago she's only had one approach in person at a public place, and one text message. Unfortunately or not, this represents a huge improvement on his previous behaviour.

I hope from now on Debbie never sees or is contacted by him again; but what this man is capable of scares me, judging by the assault. He doesn't accept or understand Debbie can decide to end their relationship, and his reaction is to obsessively pursuing what he wants. What I'm scared of is whether it's at any cost.

Perhaps I'm overreacting, and my hope is that I am. The trouble is that too many woman have underestimated men in the same circumstance and things haven't turned out well, and my sister means too much to me to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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