Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The importance of recycling

I am into recycling big time--I religiously sort my glass, metal and paper and put them in the appropriate bins. So when I discovered computer and other household goods can be recycled I gathered together the various items we need to get rid of and it's quite a list:

  • TV
  • computer monitor
  • computer tower x 2
  • DVD player
  • VCR recorder
  • mini Hi Fi system with two speakers
  • assorted keyboards, mice & remote controls
In fact it's quite a boot full ; there's no room for anything but this stuff in my boot until I get rid of all this stuff.

The only thing is that it isn't free; quite the opposite. It's $13 alone to recycle a TV and computer monitor--each mind you, not for both. Apparently lead is mixed with the glass and needs to be sent to the Netherlands for extraction. And then $6 each for any other stuff.

The nice thing is the woman I spoke to yesterday at SIMs E-Recycling (8586 7777) said she was so happy I was prepared to recycle they'd charge only for the TV, monitor and towers and she'd take the rest off our hands for nothing. So if you have anything electronic to recycle speak to the nice people at SIMS E-Recycling on Boundary Rd, Braeside and remember that not only will you feel better, but the world will thank you as well.

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