Monday, September 15, 2008

Of scrambled eggs and mechanics

I got up at 5am this morning to take Babby (Clarissa) to work because she asked me to take her car to the mechanic to see why her gear box changes are so clunky. So when I got back I decided to make myself my favourite breakfast: avocado on rye, topped with bacon, fresh spinach and scrambled eggs, and a tasty sprinkling of spring onion and feta cheese. Doesn't it look good?

My fingers are crossed it's good news with the car. The mechanic said it's either low on oil--which I really hope--or else it's going to be expensive; gear boxes invariably are. I'm going to call him around 1pm to find out.

Later we're off to the rehab hospital for Horace. Last week he only had water therapy twice for about 45 mins because his regular physiotherapist wasn't around, but this week she's around for his 30 min physiotherapy session as well. I can take him to his first session for this week, but from Thursday onwards Horace will have to take himself because I go back to work on Wednesday. I am not happy because I definitely would rather be here with Horace !

We also saw the surgeon on Friday for the last time. He's been so pleased with Horace's progress and referred to him as a model patient: never complains, heals well, everything went perfectly. Someone from Debbie's workplace was looking for an orthopoedic surgeon and I gave her the thumbs up for Dr Michael Brighton-Knight in Hampton on Horace's recommendation. Anybody in Melbourne needing a spinal decompression/fusion should definitely consider him.

Now I'm off to organise the various phone calls etc that always seems to need doing: call the ISP to get the dtmf tones put back on the phone, call a computer recycler to get rid of various old computers, screens and DVD players, phone about Clarissa's passport and work out how a certain VCR works. Never a dull moment around here!

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