Friday, August 8, 2008


I've finally reached the end of a very long week, with 12 days more to go until Horace is home and I start a month's leave. Amen to both!

Horace seemed even better last night--he was sitting up in a chair, didn't grimace in pain once and was perfectly clear and lucid the entire time. And he's very happy with himself because he's lost some weight!

He's now getting into his physiotherapy regime, and did two lots of physiotherapy during the day. When I was leaving to go home he was also getting ready for a walk around the hospital.

It seems yesterday he got quite a few visitors again, which was nice. Steve visited again during the day, as did John and Ozzie, and while I was there Charles dropped in with a few books for Horace to read. It's been really nice the way the guys have rallied around Horace.

So for tonight it'll be me and maybe Clarissa again. Wini gets home too late most nights to come as well, especially as I'll need to leave at 6.30pm at the latest from now on, not to mention she has a cold at the moment and sick people really shouldn't go anywhere near Horace. Maybe over the weekend.

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