Thursday, August 7, 2008

Horace is doing well

Horace seemed brighter and more alert last night when Clarissa and I visited although I'm not sure whether it was the stimulation of a visit from Charles and Steve, or the reduction in his medication. Whatever the reason it was good to see him more like his usual self.

One of his doctors from the hospital rang me during the day to ask similar questions to the nurse the night before. I gave him the same advice as the nurse about what I thought was the best way to interact with him, and tried to test the waters with Horace last night about how he was getting on with the medical staff. I didn't want to tell him outright that they'd called me because I think he'd be upset they weren't talking directly to him (which they are) and he'd be sure to tell them. So, for now, I'm thinking that as long as his interactions with the medical staff are improving there's no need to tell him that the medical staff have spoken me.

Horace's still not interested in food and was adamant with me and Steve that no food should be brought. So, the positive is that the food I made for Horace is now frozen for when I don't want to cook, and I have some for lunch today. That makes 4-5 days of meals in the freezer now!

I was also pleased that Horace did physiotherapy yesterday, although he mentioned that they were surprised at how strong he was. I don't think anybody looking at Horace could imagine him to be frail, and he was strong even before the operation despite the limitations caused by the sciatica.

But I was really annoyed with one of the nurses who bustled in about 8.30pm and told us visiting hours were over and we had to go. And she didn't say it once but repeatedly! In the two hospitals over the last week I haven't been told that once. It's not as though Clarissa and I are loud--you wouldn't even know we were there--and as we were going other patients still had visitors. It's hard to get to the hospital before 7.30pm without leaving work really early, and I have so work at the moment I don't know whether I could get it finished working a 10 hour day!

I've put off investigating a few financial questions I've started to have because I don't know if I can try to understand one more new things. Between the extra physical demands at home because Horace managed the house, visiting the hospital and going on leave in a week's time for a month I feel close to overload. But having said that it has to be done and I've set aside lunchtime to try and understand what's happening--I just hope that's enough time.

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