Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Daily update for Wednesday

Last night as Clarissa and I were leaving the hospital we were talking about how certain approaches with Horace work against you because they all they do is annoy him--watching a nurse fire questions at him without giving him the chance to respond was the catalyst for our conversation.

So it was interesting when the same nurse came running after us as we left to try to understand him better as she was finding his reaction frustrating. I appreciated her effort because, and it was such a positive way to be able to tell her that Horace responds best to being given time and space to think about a question before he responds, and that's it not a sign of impaired functionality (eg dementia). I've known him for 25 years, and while Horace can be a little forgetful I don't think his mental faculties are in any way impaired.

Yesterday generally wasn't a good day for Horace. I learnt last night that his pain medication was reduced because he was hallucinating and the doctors were worried about him hurting himself (eg falling because he was reacting to something that wasn't there). But the downside of this is that he didn't start his physiotherapy yesterday because he was in too much pain.

I'm also starting to think about how Horace's lack of interest in food can be managed. He's quite happy not to eat as he thinks he'll go home slimmer. That might happen, but his body needs nourishment to help it heal, and his bowels definitely need something to process. He's so far resisted my suggestions about bringing food from home although he's eaten the fruit I've take him each day. Last night he expressed the same distinterest but told me that if he eats something not prepared by the hospital they have to be told. That makes sense, and now I just need to work out what to take; maybe a nice chickpea and potato curry or some soup because he says he doesn't want to eat meat.

And just to show how well Horace is looking generally here are a few photos taken on Saturday at the Linacre in Hampton.

Prince Charming himself!

Clarissa hamming it up with her Daddy (typical Clarissa)

Horace and I

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