Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First day in rehab

The girls and I finally arrived at the Rehab Hospital in Elsternwick at nearly 8.00pm (I got lost) and I don't like it nearly as well as the Linacre hospital in Hampton. I don't know if I feel less positive about it because Horace was cranky (his pain medication is being reduced and that would be enough to make anybody cranky), or because the layout is so higgeldy piggeldy. Or maybe it's because when I arrived his bed was soiled, and the nursing staff weren't particularly interested in making sure Horace was comfortable.

So far Horace hasn't started a regular physiotherapy routine although he's still wandering the corridors "keep the blood flowing". I think the physiotherapy starts today.

Poor Wini seems to have come down with some sort of reaction and is covered with a rash that's worst around her joints. She put some of Horace's cortisone on last night but it made no difference whatsoever, and it looks as though she needs an antihistamine to bring the redness and swelling down. She's off to the doctor this morning before work to get organised.

So far Clarissa and I are unscathed. For me I hope it stays that way.

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