Monday, August 4, 2008

Horace is off to rehab

Horace called me around 8.00am this morning to let me know that he's being transferred to the rehabilitation hospital today. I'm really pleased but I was sure it would happen because he's getting stronger all the time.

Both the girls have admitted to crying. They said it's because their Dad looked so frail lying in bed. I know exactly what they mean and those first few days when he spent most of his time in bed it was hard seeing him like that.

But he's now out of bed for most of the day, and is walking regularly. Over the weekend he did a number of turns up and down the hospital corridor. I think he tired himself out on Saturday because he was less energetic yesterday (and thinking about the previous sentence that makes a lot of sense), but at the same time he's definitely growing stronger.

He's made us laugh a few times becasue the pain medication makes him drift off during conversation. He'll be saying something, and suddenly his eyes glaze over and his speech slows down ... I now have to stop myself laughing although Wini's been finding it hard!

The only drama we've had isn't related to Horace but Clarissa. I think underneath the brunette there's a blonde lurking ... this time she's left her handbag somewhere and can't remember where! I had a quick look around the house last night after she did but I was tired and not that interested, and it would be miracle if anybody could find anything will the amount of Wini's stuff left lying around. But I've been the caring responsible mother today and rung the hospital and John (he drove her to the hospital on Sunday morning), and it's neither of those places. So I rang Clarissa at work and told her we'll look more carefully around the house and my car tonight before we go to visit Horace tonight. Fingers crossed we find it.

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