Monday, August 11, 2008

Hospital eviction set for Friday morning

I got the news this afternoon from Horace's physiotherapist at the hospital that he's coming home on Friday morning. That means he's made excellent progress as it's less than the two records the surgeon predicted--and it means I start leave for a month on the same day! I don't think they've told Horace as yet so I'll be able to give him the good new tonight. I only found out myself because I rang them a few times today to find out. (I am so looking forward to both things happening!).

And happy news today that there will be no out of pocket expenses for the surgeon as he's sent his bill straight to the health insurance company and has accepted the amount offered by it. We only have to pay the health insurance excess and max per day stay once for both hospitals (and that saves quite a bit of money). That leaves only two things to check: the anaesthetists bill and what we get from the government health insurance to find out the total we have to pay. So far it's not looking too bad and that should be the case considering how much we've paid on health insurance for years and never claimed.

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