Sunday, August 10, 2008

A big hi to Lloyd and family

It was so nice to talk to you this morning and fill you in on the details of Horace's progress. Thanks for taking the time to phone, and I know Horace will be pleased to hear you called.

I emailed you the details of the hospital Horace is staying at because you could always phone him there if you get the chance before you leave for Trinidad. If you don't get the email please use the email in this blog to contact me.

I forgot to say this on the phone, but please pass on Horace's best wishes to the family as we met a few of your mother's family when we visited. I especially remember your younger sister. I met her when I visited your mother in Tobago and she was still living at home.

Have a great time--I wish we were able to make the trip ourselves--and we look forward to hearing from you again as well as some photos of you and the family.

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