Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Friday or Tuesday?

I've been looking more into when Horace will come home and I'm still not happy I understand when it will happen. The physio suggested yesterday it would be Friday, but the nursing staff are still saying Tuesday of next week. It makes a difference to Horace because he wants to go home and me because I can't, as yet, give work a definite day to start my leave. I'll ask again tomorrow when the physio and Horace come for the home visit and this time get them to liaise with the doctor and give me a definite date.

The girls and I are in tidying mode for the home visit and last night I had both girls working on their stuff. I've used the time Horace has been away to sort out and declutter, but on the downside I've let the regular cleaning go because I haven't had time. So tonight will be the bathroom before I go to bed. Happy days!

And that will only leave the path to the front step to clear of camellia blossoms. At the moment it looks as though a flower girl has strewn the path for a wedding--very beautiful--but with Horace coming to visit I don't want anything around that could cause him to slip and fall. Too much to do and too little time!

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