Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guess who came to visit?

If you answered Horace you're right ... and you've read my last few posts!

Horace and two occupational therapists came through the unit measuring the heights of everything Horace will use--beds, chairs, sofas, steps, shower--and everything seems to be at the wrong height. So now we have to hire chairs and shower seats etc until we get ourselves organised, or we can buy directly from the hospital. It's good to have the option to rent until we decide what to do.

After the occupational therapists told me they thought Horace was going home on Friday they've done a double take and now think it's Tuesday as well. But I've asked them to speak to the staff looking after Horace and have somebody ring me and let me know the date when it's available.

My bitch for the week is that electical stuff just isn't worth fixing when it breaks down. My DVD players lasted for two years, and I was quoted almost as much as I paid for it just to hand it to the repairer. Add in the petrol, time and whatever it costs to fix it and I could probably buy 2 new DVD players! So I've already bought a cheap DVD player because it's been driving me nuts not having one ... I can't stand TV programming and I use the DVD everyday even if it's only to run a CD or DVD in the background.

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