Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy birthday to me ...

I'm another year older and I hope wiser ... well, maybe only another year older.

It was a quiet day but what made it a good day was that the four of us were together: Wini arrived back early in the morning from Tasmania and Horace is out of hospital. I couldn't think of a nicer way to spend the day.

Clarissa took the four of us for lunch at the Rickett's Point Tea Rooms. I love the place .. the view is brilliant, the service fast, and the food so good: their BLT is the best so of course that's what I had. Way too much food for me so I took half home for breakfast tomorrow!

The four of us took the short stroll back to the car along the beach path. I love taking shots of the girls chatting together and being silly, and Horace looks intent (as usual) on getting out of the cold.

This is the scenery from the tea shop to the car. Because it's a bay and not the ocean the water is usually quieter. But the water was quite choppy because it was so windy and that made it colder than it otherwise would have been. Can you believe this is only 10 minutes drive from home?

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