Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cooking frenzy

Clarissa went on a cooking frenzy yesterday baking all sorts of sweet, yummy treats for everybody to try. Both she and Wini love to bake, and both are quite good at it so there's always plenty of good stuff to eat for a few days afterwards.

The crazy chef herself at work beating cream.

My choice, an Orange and Almond Cake. The whole orange is boiled until soft and then pulped in a food processor, and only almond meal (no flour) is used. The taste is slightly bitter but very yummy.

Clarissa's scones are wonderfully light and fluffy. Once she'd taken them out of the oven, half were wrapped in a teatowel so they stayed slightly soft on the outside (for her dad and herself), and the rest were cooled on a cake tray so they crisped up on the outside (for me). They were served to Horace and I with raspberry jam and cream.

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