Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today while Horace was at physio, then water therapy and finally a spa (mmm!) I took a walk around Elsternwick with my camera and took some photos I thought I would share.

This building was going up in a side street, and I was amazed by the first floor facade. I can only describe it as concrete lace, and it's such a great look.

The laneway behind the main street Glenhuntly Rd had this pretty flowering bush growing tenaciously against a fence.

The last photo I took was a building on Glenhuntly Rd on which someone had whimsically painted 'I am art'.


soyouthink said...

Hi Susan,

Just popping by to wish you all the best in the SYTYCS comp :)
Can't wait to see your creations.


PS Love the 'I sm art' pic, very groovy. Happy Birthday for earlier in the week, I hope you were spoiled :)

Sydney said...

Great pics, thank you for the post