Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update on Horace

I haven't seen Horace as yet because the call didn't come from the surgeon until almost 11pm that he was out of theatre, and I thought it was too late to go with the girls having to go to work today.

Apparently they were delayed from the outset as they had trouble finding a vein for the anaesthesia (surprise, surprise when we warned them beforehand it would be hard), and the surgeon said the repair he needed to make was more complicated than he expected.

But he lost hardly any blood and didn't need a transfusion, and now I'm off to the hospital to see how he is. I'm actually not looking forward to it--I don't like the thought of him being incapacitated and doped up on morphine, although I know myself well enough to know it will be a great relief to see he's well.

I'm taking both the girls to see their dad straight after work, so we'll be there by 5.30pm, and home after that. I'll try and post more tonight about how he's doing.

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