Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The operation's underway

I've found a new definition of boring .... hanging around a hospital for ten hours waiting for someone to go into theatre. Yes, Horace and I turned up around 7am and not until 5pm did he head off for theatre!

But the good news is that he's been in great spirits all day--he's not the sort of person to get nervous--and he'll be back in about 90 mins (8pm) and Clarissa and I will be able to see him. Not that he'll know we're there, but we'll be reassured he's back with us and he knows (if you know what I mean) that we're going to visit.

UPDATE: Talk about instant feedback; I just got a call from the hospital telling me the operation hasn't started yet and it will be closer to 8.30pm or even 9pm before he's out. I'll post more tomorrow when I've had the chance to see him when he comes out of theatre.

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