Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter to all

Easter this year was a great 4 day long weekend and I hope everybody else had a safe and equally relaxing time.

Wini, Clarissa and I drove to Ballarat for the day on Sunday in Clarissa's new car. It was good to give the car its first long trip and see how it went; and it was a 100% thumbs up. But I didn't mention to anybody that we drove down in Clarissa's car--there was so much other stuff happening and I forgot--and in some ways that was a good thing because Clarissa managed to dent the rear driver bumper bar when she reversed into a flower bed the first week she got the car(enough said here!).

As it was only Debbie and her boyfriend Anthony noticed the dent, and that was because they saw Wini napping in the front seat when they arrived.

Even though we were only there for about four hours, it was great to catch up with everybody and I got a family photo outside Mum's unit at the retirement village (it's immediately behind Mum).

L to R: Clarissa, Tamika, Mum, Jade, Wini, Vanessa, Debbie, Carol (Mark hiding), Anthony & Jason

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The Psychic Phototgrapher said...

what a nice picture. family shots can often be hard to get, trying to pin everyone down together LOL