Monday, March 10, 2008

Feeling hot, hot, hot ...

Just when the crazies said summer was over and winter was on the way (I wish), we were tortured with a long weekend of over 30 degree heat. That might sound perfect if you don't see see heat regularly or if you love it ... but really hot weather is not a favourite with Horace and I.

It was more of a disappointment as we going to visit Rosebud and check out the pier and Arthur's Seat, and I was going to practice Week 2 of my photography class: this time around is film and shutter speed. In the end we left the house only to shop for food, and stayed inside to escape the heat.

That doesn't mean, however, it was a bad weekend. Both girls were out for most of the weekend and Horace and I had the place to ourselves to chat and cook and sleep ... basically do whatever we wanted without interruption.

And I got to practice Week 1 of the photography class (aperture) again and I got these great shots of Horace. I think he looks pretty darn handsome.

Photos: ISO400, LHS: AV 1.4, TV 1/60; RHS: AV 1.4, TV 1/100

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