Thursday, March 6, 2008

Desperately seeking Wini

A few weeks ago on the train a fellow traveller expressed an interest in meeting Wini, via the daily newspaper MX. Every couple of days they print SMS to the paper identifying the person through a few distinguishing features and a short description of themselves.

I meant to keep the newspaper but it read something like: "Islander looking girl dressed in blue ABC t-shirt who gets on the 7am from Mordialloc and gets off at Ormond. Are you interested in tall, well built white guys?"

All good so far because I know Wini is gorgeous (I'm not biased) and why shouldn’t other people?

Because Wini told me about this I started reading the paper more carefully and a week later there was another message, this one claiming to come from Wini and signed ‘Hesitant’. The gist was "chat to me the next time you see me" and I showed it to Wini thinking she must have responded, but curious because it was out of character. She doesn't like being chatted up at the best of times, and definitely doesn't like strangers coming up to talk to her. And it wasn't her who put the message in the newspaper!

The latest SMS appeared on Monday, and asked Wini to get into the last carriage on Wednesday morning and he would introduce himself. Since Wini always travels in the last carriage on the journey to work she would have to deliberately travel in a different carriage to avoid him.

Given her general interest in being chatted up, and the fact she’s not a morning person, she got into a different carriage yesterday and the ‘tall well built white guy’ will stay a mystery.

I've mentioned this to others and most of them have expressed concern; opinions have ranged from stalking, to questions of whether the person leaving the messages has some sort of problem.

I had no concerns at all until I talked to others about this. After all, this guy must have seen Wini a few times; all that's different now is that he's told her he’s interested and has asked whether she’d like to meet. For all he knows she might have a boyfriend or even a girlfriend!

So, am I naive for thinking this is romantic or should I be concerned?

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