Monday, February 18, 2008

Clarissa's new car

Clarissa has been looking for a car for a while (read it must be 6 months at least) and the day finally arrived, last Friday, where she bought her first little baby. A beautiful 1999 Nissan Pulsar, in immaculate condition, one owner really, and 130,000 kms on the clock.
The CAR parked on the nature strip outside the house
After looking at photos on the Internet all over Melbourne, and driving to see a few of them to inspect and test drive (one was more than 50kms away on the other side of the city) we finally found THE ONE a few minutes drive from home.

The experience of buying this car turned out to be a pleasure, due to the family we bought the car from. The car was originally purchased brand new by the mother for herself, and when she upgraded after 4-5 years she gave the car to her daughter to drive. And I couldn't see either of them treating the car badly ... which the RACV definitely inspection agreed with.
(The family was so nice that when we left with the car we also left with a plastic bag full of home grown tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, fresh eggs and two different home baked biscuits with the kind offer to drop in at any time for a cup of tea. Everybody selling a car should be so wonderful).

But here's the usual thing about the whole experience ... I'm the excited one and Clarissa can't be more blase about it. Figures huh!

Anyway, I've posted the best of the photos I managed to get, considering the MOOD, and mind you one of them is as the car drives away. Because, of course, Clarissa's enjoying her freedom and taking big sister with her. Maybe I'll get a better, and happier, photo of Clarissa and the car another day.

The car disappearing (check out the impact of the drought)

And for anybody worried about yet another P plater on the road in Melbourne; don't on account of Clarissa. She was nagged for so long when she was learning to drive (for more than 12 months) that she drives like a grandmother and I feel really safe with her. Or at least she does when I'm with her!

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