Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phoning family overseas

I'm slowly emailing friends and family to let them know I've started this blog and I realised I'd lost my second cousin Helen's email address.

I was too impatient to snail mail, so I phoned Helen's Mum and Dad's last night. It's not as though it costs a lot of money anymore; out of interest I checked my phone bill and it cost a little over $1 for half an hour. The only thing in life that's getting cheaper!

It was so good to chat to them. Everybody sounds exactly the same and I must do it again soon. And just to be cheeky I got Helen's phone number and left a message on her answering machine! I hope it was a nice surprise when she got home from work and heard the message I left her. I was only sorry that I didn't get to chat to her as I really enjoyed our time together when I was visiting the UK.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind is that Mick remembered exactly how long ago I was there--without even thinking about it he reminded me it was 22 years ago! Way too long and I wish I could be there tomorrow. All I can say is I promise soon, and I'm saving every penny I can to fulfill my really long wish list (which includes a visit to Daventry).

All my love again to everybody, and from Mum too. I rang her today to let her know I'd called and she asked when you guys were going to visit, especially Helen's kids, as she'd love to see them.

PS Helen .. Don't forget to drop me an email.
PPS Pat .. Because you asked about Jason here are two photos of him with his daughter Tamika (who looks more like a Horne every day). Also, you'll have to remember that Jason is very camera shy, so it's impossible to get a photo of him except when he's not looking. These photos are from the family BBQ for Vanessa's 18th birthday in early January.