Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's Hot and What's Not

It’s the end of the month and time to consider how I’ve travelled this month against my New Year plans … not bad on average.

What’s been HOT

Exercise more. The stand out success for this year has exercise more. I’m nowhere near obsessive but it’s become easier as the year has passed. Yoga started back this week after a two week break and it was so nice getting back into it. And those 23 flights of stairs up and down a couple of times a week are starting to pay dividends … it’s as easy as pie now walking the three flights of stairs up from the train station and I’m running the single flight between floors at work.
Cook more. Can you believe I cooked twice this month? That’s probably two out of the four times I’ve cooked this YEAR! So embarrassing.

Spend more time with friends and family. A little more time with Miss C, less time with Mr H (who’s been cranky this month) and lots of time with friends. A nice month on the friend fronts really.

Finish 5 craft projects. Despite whingeing about not getting anything done I managed to finish two things: the cutest red pixie bonnet, and I’m working on a Manchester United cap for a certain Baby H. Auntie M is going to love it.

Renovate. Yeah whatever! But at least I’m managing to get a few things cleared out using the Reverse Finds process over at pencils and pins each Saturday. Thanks Catherine for a great idea ... having too much stuff is my major stumbling block when it comes to renovating and another year of Reverse Finds will see this hurdle overcome.

What’s NOT been Hot

EXPLORE. I can’t even remember what this means any more and I can’t wait to choose something different next year.

Travel. No travel here. Hopefully next year. I already raised the idea with Mr H about going to north America again and he was receptive … I wonder if I could arrange to visit western Canada.
So how are you going? Are you doing well against this year's plan or maybe you can't wait for next year to try better ... I'm finding myself falling more and more into the latter category.

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